Don’t be a Grinch with Your Food: Eat, and Lose Weight by New Year’s Eve

Believe it or not, you need to eat more to lose more.  Why?  Because when you’re eating right, you will need to fill up more frequently.  Here are five ways you can honestly lose weight by New Year’s Eve:

1.  Plan out your exercise schedule.  From walking around your own neighborhood to joining a local gym, you need to allot 20 minutes a day to some type of physical activity.

2.  Make a list of all the things you love to eat.  Then, take off all the stuff that you and I both know isn’t good for you.  What are you left with?  Now, do some research to find new things, like 100 calorie snacks, that you can add in.

3.  Start each day with a breakfast smoothie or oatmeal.  Smoothies are fun to make, you can change the flavors up, and oatmeal, if you like it, is very filling.

4.  Your lunch should consist of a protein and some greens.  This could be chicken, fish, even beans, with a small salad.  Other options include a turkey sandwich on Rye or whole wheat bread.  Go thin on the mayo, or try to switch to mustard.

5.  You need snacks throughout the day, but healthy ones, such as: fruit, a handful of nuts, a 100-calorie snack, even another smoothie if you’d like.

6.  You’ve earned calories for exercise, just be reasonable about it and give yourself something you love, like a few pieces of chocolate or cookies.  Your 100-calorie snacks might also come in handy here!

7.  Stick to your plan and think about what you’ll be eating the next day so you can psych yourself up!





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