Four Stay-Fit Tips for Holiday Travels

For many of us, flying becomes a necessity during the holidays.  Flying, however, has many side-effects on the body, including poor circulation and very dry air that leaves us with super dry skin on the other end.  Also, it’s not exactly a calorie buster to sit for hours on end.  These in-flight tips will help keep you fit for holiday travel:

  1. Standing for a few minutes during a flight is key to blood circulation, but you can also use this time to tone a little.  Find a spot where you can stand comfortably, likely near the lavatory and/or cockpit if they will allow you.  With feet hip distance apart, and arms at your sides, reach your right fingertips down toward the side of your right foot without moving your lower body at all. This is a side crunch, it should be a small movement with the back perfectly straight (you literally cannot reach your foot with your fingertips, and shouldn’t).  You should feel it in your obliques. Do ten repetitions on each side of your body.
  2. Sitting straight up in your seat, lift the lower abdomen up to the upper abdomen (i.e suck your stomach in!) and hold it for as long as you can.  This increases strength in your abdominal muscles. 
  3. Crossover knee lifts are great if you can cross your legs. Cross your right leg over your left knee. Lift your left leg up and down. For more of a challenge do the pulses up and down while never letting your foot touch the floor. Do ten repetitions on each side.
  4. Single knee lifts.  Sitting straight up lift your right leg up as far as you can and release down.  This is easier than crossovers, so do this 20 times to both sides.  

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