Four Ways to Trim The Waist, NOW!

1.  Standing side crunches – Standing with your legs hip width apart, put your arms up behind your head and without moving the bottom half of your body lean from the waist to the right, slowly.  You should feel the pull in the obliques and abdomen.  Do the same to the left and repeat 10 reps on each side.
2.  Lying on the floor, bend knees and place hands behind head, lift head straight up to the ceiling for a crunch that you feel in the upper and lower abdomen.  Lift up and down slowly so you feel the crunch in your core. Do three reps of eight.
3.  Lying on the floor, lift legs into a froggy position.  Without moving the upper body bring the lower right side (hip) up to your arm pit.  This should be a small and difficult move.  Repeat on the left side, bringing the left hip up to the left arm pit.  Repeat on both sides, 3 reps of ten.
4.  Standing with knees slightly bent, bend at the waist (forward) and move right leg back (like a lunge position).  Rapidly bring the right knee forward toward the chest, back and forth.  Do this 10 times on each side with hands at waist or out in front.